With over 30 years of experience delivering acid management technology worldwide, Scanacon understands the challenges and importance of running process critical equipment 24/7 in a demanding industrial environment.

At Scanacon, our commitment to the customer does not end with delivery; it only begins. Our goal is to remain an active partner and service provider long after commissioning, throughout our equipments’ lifecycle.

Ensuring Scanacon equipment has a long operational life under highly corrosive environments demands the very best in components and materials of construction. We utilize only the highest standards of advanced thermoplastics to ensure our equipment operates with minimal on-going maintenance costs and negligible down-time.

Maintenance-friendly, modular designed systems are Scanacon’s hallmark. Our flexible modular design offers increased reliability and duplicity over competitive designs, while offering near limitless expandability. Future capacity needs are met simply by adding additional modules to the existing system, thereby preserving the initial capital investment.

Scanacon offers a wide range services and solutions meet each customers individual service needs. Providing a comprehensive service plan preserves our customers valuable manpower, resources and capital.

To discuss what service requirements are best for you, contact the nearest Scanacon service department today.


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