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Circulation, dosing, and acid handling are essential components of the finishing process that provide numerous benefits. Without proper circulation, the process solution can become stratified, leading to areas of inconsistent pickling, chemical milling, or etching activity. This can result in unpredictable and inconsistent process conditions. However, studies have shown that adequate circulation can reduce finishing time by up to 40%, significantly increasing production efficiency with no additional changes to the process. With its homogenizing effect, proper circulation eliminates stratification and helps to keep suspended materials in suspension, making them easier to remove through filtration and extending the lifespan of the process solution.


Accurate acid dosing is also crucial for maintaining process stability. The “when” and “how much” of acid addition are both critical factors that must be considered for effective acid control. The Scanacon CADOS system ensures that these functions are carried out effectively, providing precise control of acid dosing and maintaining process stability.





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